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engine wiring harness replacement want good one.

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72 elcamino 454 with gauges dash with A/C

installing mine and I found many brittle wires.

Who has replaced one and whos did you buy and why??
Thanks for any help.

Mr. D
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Mr D I just got a catalog from M&H Electric Fabricators Inc. the address is
13537 Alondra Bl.
Santa Fe Springs. CA 90670
(562) 926-9552 orders
(562) 926-9562 tech line
they seem to have a quality product, and a good price. It notes in the catalog, they are the manufacturer for most of the restoration companys wiring harnesses. They also do custom work to include things such as HEI, and integral alternator wiring.
PS the web address is
they also have components, terminals, plugins, and sockets, ect

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