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Have seen several posts over the last couple of years that say engine to frame ground straps are needed. No old Chevelle/Cutlass et al that I have seen has one from the factory. Understand the need for the engine to body strap and quite naturally the battery to engine strap. This engine to frame strap has me confused. But then again I'm easily confused. Please help unconfuse me. Thanks

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It is mearly a means to the end.

For my car I have the 4 gauge ground strap going straight to the passenger side head. From that SAME bolt I have a 1" wide braided line going down to the frame (where the steering kuckle thing bolt up).

Also from the negative battery post I have a small 16 gauge wire going right over to the fender.

I even tossed in a 6 gauge section of wired between the firewall and the rear of the passenger side head.

AS far as having a good frame ground: It'll help when you do "above and beyond stuff"
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