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Engine Specs.. Tell me what I can expect or should change.

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The machine shop has given me the following information.

Keith Black Pistons (Flat Top) .030 overForgot to ask compression ration, but pump gas friendly.

4.250 Crank (Total Displacement 489)

454 2-bolt block. 049 heads, Ported, Polished, Bowl Blend, and Increased valve size.

the suggested cam:

234/244 0553/.578 112LSA

Performer RPM Intake.

Melling High Volume Pump, Clevit Bearings.

Proform 1.7 Aluminum Roller Rockers.

Would you suggest a different cam. I have power brakes and want to maintain their use. What kind of power are we looking at, Guesstimates?

Thank You,

Big D
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The Pump just comes as part of the kit, Don't know what the CC will be, the heads haven't been reworked yet.

I read alot about the VooDoo 268 cam.... should I go with this?

If you take the 049 heads, put larger valves and some mild porting, with the combo I described above what kind of power would I be looking at.
Please read the Sticky about the Melling oil pumps below..

That's over on MadMike's SGCOG site!!

I'll verify which pump is gonna be in the motor and go from there.

I would still like if someone with a Desktop Dyno to run some estimates to let me know what kind of power I can expect.

Also, anyone have anything to say about the Cam?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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