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Engine running great but a few misfires on decel

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So I've been getting on her pretty good as of late and having fun with my MJ467 beastly motor. I have her tuned pretty good. 18 degrees base timing, 36 degrees total timing all in by 3500 if memory serves. Idles at 1000rpm and makes 15" vacuum, which is how I like it. Holly HP4150 DP 750 carb needs a fine tune and maybe some new plugs. Today I noticed a few misfires on decel when I would let off the gas pedal on the freeway. Timing or carb or a little of both? Otherwise response is great and pulls through 5500 and scares me sometime haha.

Just thought I'd ask before I start messing with stuff this weekend. Gracias :thumbsup:
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Had magnaflows on my truck. Same thing, no other issues (EFI and tuned) and if I got into the 2,500+ RPM range and let off it would pop on decel. Below that no popping. Freeway decel it would pop intermittently. No leaks, nothing broken, plugs / wires fine not rich or lean. Just the way it was. Had aerochambers as well and same thing.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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