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i have a 72 ss with 454 not an original ls6 put a msd 6a with gm hei compression of 9.8/1 qjet 750 12 bolt 4.56 gears stock bore and 280h compcams cam my question is this . when im cruising im getting a surging and not sure if its ignition or fuel (stock gm fuel pump 7psi)sometimes it sounds like it could be misfiring but hard to tell while driving, very hard to get it to idle also because the cam and i had removed my 2800 stall converter and put in stock gm conv. in my th400.previously had 396 you thinh its carb problems or ignition not much experience with msd's and people say to get rid of the qjet need help thanx.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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