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Engine overhaul

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Newbie here- 71 Malibu with 350/th350 and factory AC...due to family health issues I have to postpone replacing my small block and just use the one I have. So I'm pulling the engine and trans and was planning on replacing the oil pan and gasket and the transmission pan gasket.. Since I have it out what else should I do to freshen it up until I can replace it.. Valve cover gaskets and plugs? No real mechanical issues except leaking oil pan due to damage...

Thanks for everything you guys do.. I'm glad to be a part of this...

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Yep, degrease it, power wash it, let it dry, and then spray it with a couple cans of Duplicolor DE1607 SMALL BLOCK Orange-Red Engine Enamel...
I thought Chevy orange was Chevy orange? Did they use different colors on big blocks?
Many "Chevrolet" orange spray cans are not near the right color or look.
Yeah I have noticed that as was just the comment SMALL BLOCK that made me ask the question. So is the paint recommended above the correct one if you want the factory look?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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