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Engine overhaul

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Newbie here- 71 Malibu with 350/th350 and factory AC...due to family health issues I have to postpone replacing my small block and just use the one I have. So I'm pulling the engine and trans and was planning on replacing the oil pan and gasket and the transmission pan gasket.. Since I have it out what else should I do to freshen it up until I can replace it.. Valve cover gaskets and plugs? No real mechanical issues except leaking oil pan due to damage...

Thanks for everything you guys do.. I'm glad to be a part of this...

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Yep, degrease it, power wash it, let it dry, and then spray it with a couple cans of Duplicolor DE1607 SMALL BLOCK Orange-Red Engine Enamel...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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