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engine information

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I am going to buy an motor hopefully this weekend. If I could get some help on the numbers it would be appreciated. Start Heads 3973487 A41 GM7 other head 3973487 A31 GM22.
Block information (I hope these make sense) 3970010 A211 GM V0123TBC(I origionally thought the suffix was IBC but I did not see that code) 12 242 2 010 H31not sure of the 1.
I was told block and heads from same engine late model truck. I did check and think heads from 71-72 350 LT1. I would like to know if these all were from the same engine and is the block a 350. Let me know if I need to check any other numbers. thanks mike
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Thanks for the information. The last set of numbers I do not remember where they were located on the block. I was copying the numbers down but not marking their location. Is there anything from the information given that would state if it is from a truck? Thanks for your help.
Well, even if it is from a truck it seems like a good engine to buy. It is all cleaned and rebuilt to the heads with all the parts to complete the job. Talked to the mechanic that rebuilt the motor and he confirmed the same information that the seller was telling me. Anything else I should look for?
Well the last two lines would indicate a 6 cylinder right. So I would guess that it would be one of the first two listings. Than it is a 350 correct?
Thanks for all your help!
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