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Engine ID

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Can someone ID the codes on this engine. I was told it is a 283 2 bbl with a power glide it's in my 66 Chevelle. The code on the pad is V0115TTP ther are no serial numbers on the pad it may have been decked. I have not pulled the engine yet so date codes are unknown at this time.
I think the decode is V for Flint, 01 for Jan. 15 for the 15 day but the TTP i cannot find.
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You will need the date code:
TTP 70 350 Truck 215 Base Manual 2-Brl C 50
TTP 85 305 Truck 150 LE-9 4-Brl C 10 & C 20
You have the v0115 correct as Flint Jan 15th.
Just an FYI but any 3 letter code is 1970 & up.
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