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engine dies

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OK- I replaced both ignition switch and starter solenoid. This cured the problem of starter motor turning over when key was in off position. As I was putting a tune up on and had engine running, points set, timing set, etc. it died, as if I turned the key off. It is getting fuel ok. What the #&*% is going on with this car now? HELP
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mlrailguy, personally I get worried when things seem to fix themselves. It usually ends up happening again before I get it figured out. With the few details you listed in your first post, it's difficult to pin down what may have changed. Don't forget, we can only see what you write.
Can you be very specific about exactly how you changed or moved the wiring?

Before you write back, start the engine and poke around everywhere in the wiring with a wood dowel to see if something may be loose or intermittent (every now and then) and causes the engine to die. Hot wires don't usually stop conducting current to the point of ignition off and then re-connect after cooling. There has to be a circuit somewhere that is causing this unless the wires you worked on were the cause and you unknowingly changed something.

Need more details.

Louie Hammel
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