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I think good old JCWhitney still sell's kit's that allow any engine to be put in any car if you want to check them out!

As for locating an engine to the car, you need to make sure that the driveshaft front yoke doesn't bottom in the tranny, (like a 1/2" to maybe an 1" sliding in and out), as well as make sure it is located so that the intake top is level b/c it should already be angled for correct engine body placement.(AND don't forget to check driveshaft clocking AND angling up and down and side to side too both at the tranny and the rearend)....

NOTE!! The driveshaft need's to be parallel regardless of angle at both ends within like 3 to 5 degrees IF I remember right so check me here with an angle thing you can pick up at Sears or HFT cheap..

Then you locate the engine by using a foot long carpenter's level on the intake flat while the engine is hanging off either a cherry-picker or a 1-ton come-a-long!!

Then just fit JCW's kit and weld/bolt in place.

Been there, but used junk steel instead as a kid when I and a now long gone Buddy put my 232" Stude V-8 engine and tranny in my '52 Willis Areo Eagle H/T car back in the early '60's in highschool.....


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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