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engine compartment

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very nice day here in Midwest, 70 drgree's, not bad for march, especially here in IL, got tired of cleaning yard,
So I uncovered chevelle and polished/dusted engine compartment,

anyone else get tired of cleaning yard's?
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Argh, thanks for reminding me, my engine compartment was as clean as its been all winter as of yesterday, fast forward to today:

As of 1:30pm:

As of 3:30pm:

There was no rush but man did it come apart fast. At least spinning the bearing gives me a chance to detail the engine compartment again, touch up the headers, etc. I took things apart intelligently, kept things that didn't need to come apart together. The biggest time/knuckle saver was leaving the fan on the waterpump, everyone knows those bolts aren't the most friendly to get out, the trick is to pull the radiator first, than with that out of the way you can pull the fan shroud forward and clear the fan easily :)


Parents got a new house (I'm going to the local community college) so now I finally get to work on my car in doors, I'm used to working outside on a concrete driveway for the past 5 years.

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