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engine compartment wiring help needed

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Does anyone know where to get a wiring diagram one can follow???

I have a factory assembly manual with some pics. and all the diagrams but who the hell can read or follow them for crying out loud , either It's not readable , I cant see it , or it just doesn't make sense !!

My problem it I have absolutely no reference point , completely starting from scratch with new harness , don't have the old ones and never saw it in the car anyway.

My car is an original SS 350 car with a/c and full gauge package...I converted to non a/c with the delete air box and I upgraded to HEI and internally regulated alternator. With that said I ordered my harness for this, with exception of the a/c delete because I may want to put it back some day.

With these details in mind can someone who has a similar car post close up pics. of the routing of the wiring and hopefully I'll be able to see the colors of the wires and and connectors as well as where the hell they go.

Alot of these are common sense others are not so post away maybe I can learn something :p
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Are you struggling more with placement and routing of the harness assembly or with understanding the individual wire colors and functions?

It does take a little while to get friendly with the wiring schematics. Start here: look at your schematic and identify the wire colors for some obvious connection points like starter, ignition coil, horns, headlights bulkhead connector. Don't worry about every color and every wire, just look for the obvious stuff.

Now lay your harness out and spread it across the floor. Locate the wire colors you traced on the schematic for starter, coil, horns, lights, bulkhead. You'll have to visually identify the plugs to make sure you've got the right wires. Once you've got these figured out, you can start to maneuver the harness on the floor into the approximate shape it will fit in the car; headlight plugs to the front, coil in center rear, starter in rear right, bulkhead in rear left.

Now you have a good feel for how the harness lays into the car and runs along the rad support, left fender and firewall. Lay it in the car and connect the components you identified. Now you can use the assembly manual to figure out specific routing. You can also go back to the schematic to figure out some of the other plugs that may not be so obvious.
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Sorry, I have a 67 so no pic. You're electrician skills will for sure help reading the diagrams. Good luck.
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