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Engine compartment braces?

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Hey guys on my 72 chevelle i just bought it has to braces connecting the fenders to the firewall covering the top of the engine in a V shape..Were braces like this standard from the factory? Im 97% sure theyer not so i figured id ask.
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Interestingly enough, on vintage Mustangs those were called "export braces". They were required on all stangs sold in Europe. The Europeans know the front shock towers of a unibody flex laterally under the side stresses of high speed turns in road courses. And they were right. Since Mustangs had no fame, the upper and lower front control arms bolt to the body, as all do unibody designs. (That's what makes them a unibody, duh.)
They also transfer and dissipate energy from the top of the shock/strut towers into the body. (Think crash test)

You will generally find those braces on all performance unibody cars. They obviously aren't needed on a car with a frame, like the GM A bodies.
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