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engine casting number

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I am trying to buy a motor and the casting numbers are 12561359, but I CAN NOT find any site that has these numbers listed. I do show casting numbers 12561357 that goes to a 454 and 12561358 and they go to a 502. Can anyone help find out what block these numbers go too.
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I have taken the paint off and the numbers 1256 59 I am pretty sure about but the 13 in middle I can't really tell. (1256 13 59) the numbers are coming off of a BB. Who knows I have racked my brain on just about every site that lists casting numbers and I have not found any thing close.
Except casting numbers 12561357 and 12561358.
where is the casting date located on the block, D'oh I have seen plenty of sites that gives that info. That is what I am trying to figure out if the block is a 454 or a 502. Is there any other information I can check out that might help me determine what the block is? How about the head numbers are will the heads fit both 454's and 502's.
Ok thanks for your help! Love your Chevelle SWEET RIDE!. Hopefully I will have some pictures soon of my ride a 68 firebird!
Thank all you guys for your help! And also if this is a 502 do you think 500.00 is to much for this engine. Supposedly this engine is not rebuilt and was used to run some type of refrgeration equipment for about 2-3 months. So the engine has hours not miles on it.
Is there any other ways to tell the block size with out opening the engine to get the bore stroke, would like to start engine on the ground. This Damn thing is driving me. Also have a buddy who has 460 any recommendations on how to get the best preformance out it installing it in a 67 Camaro. ( 400 tranny 3500 stall converter, 750 dominator carb. Victor jr high rise intake. hei distributer, msd box, fogger) By the way I guess you can tell we are new to the sport, and trying to learn a few good things.
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