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Wanted to drop a line to let Houston-area TC members know that I have tracked down the machine shop manager from Precision Engines on the north side of town before they sold the land and were forced to close up shop. If any of you had engines built there you may remember Herb. He's doing his own thing now full time and he went through my 454 BBC and built a wicked nitrous-ready 327 SBC for my brother's '32 Ford truck recently. I'll hopefully post chassis dyno results and more details on each soon.

I was surprised at how reasonably-priced he was given the quality of work and his experience. He's been building engines for 20+ years if I had to guess. He always answers the phone and his service and expertise are spot-on. If there are any Houston guys out there that need an engine built, PM me and I'll gladly share his contact info. He has no web presence unfortunately- maybe I'll build him a site in partial exchange for a roller 489 next time... :beers:
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