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I have always believed that OEM engine balance (particularly Mopar and Buick, but all of them in general) was a fairly haphazard deal--the equipment might be precise enough; but the specs were quite loose compared to an aftermarket balance done by someone who cares.

I watched a series of videos on YouTube that show the building of a Pontiac engine from molten iron to test-fired engine. GM produced the movie that the videos were made from; I remember seeing it in High School Engine Mechanics class.

In the movie/video, they claim that the Pontiac engines were balanced to "within 1/2 inch-ounce".

I'm wondering what the "acceptable" overall balance spec is for those of you who do aftermarket balancing.

The engine section of the movie--broken up into several chunks--is available here:
but the videos continue with non-engine items; I think there's 9 videos.
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