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Electrical feedback thru turn signal

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I am getting electrical feedback when I turn the headlights on. It makes the left turn signal dash indicator glow green. It only happens when I turn the headlights on. I also noticed the left turn signal isn't quite as bright as the right. I have a new forward wiring harness and new engine harness from H&H. It seems like it's a ground problem but I have checked the connection many times and also removed all the paint where the harness wire grounds itself to the core support. My water temp gage doesn't work either now and it used too. I have the correct sender for gages also. If I use a test light and ground the water temp gage out at the sender, the gage then moves. Can anyone think of a ground I may have forgotten? The engine has the ground strap to the firewall also.
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Sounds like poor ground at the instrument cluster.

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Is this on a 69 or 71? On 69s the signal light/park light grounds when the light holder makes contact with the light reflector. The light assembly may not have an adequate ground to bumper. On 71 the signal light/park light is grounded by a black ground wire that (I think) connects to the core support separate from the head light ground. Either way I think the glowing dash signal light problem is caused by a bad sig/park light ground.

On the temp gauge does the gauge peg when the ignition is in the start position? If it does and the fact that the gauge indicates when you ground the green wire at the temp sensor indicates that the sensor is the problem.
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