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hmm, "clicking" sounds like it has a start switch which means it's a "split phase" or "capacitor start, induction run" motor, not a "CSR" motor then
Do you hear the click just as the motor almost stops? that's the centrifugal start switch snapping the contacts closed

*If* that's what it is, it has two sets of windings, "Start" and "Run" in parallel
(the start windings being the coils with the smaller gauge copper wire)

The start windings may be in series with a start capacitor but lower starting torque motors won't have a capacitor

The contacts of the start switch open by centrifugal force to break the circuit to the start windings when the motor reaches about 3/4 of it's running RPM

Most common cause of thses motors not starting on their own is the contacts on the centrifugal switch get dirty or oily and won't make contact to complete the circuit to the start windings

Use a dot punch or awl to mark the relationship of each end bell with the stator
Pull the end bell, clean the contacts and look for possible open circuit cause such as broken wires

I usually just scratch 2 lines across one end and one line across the other so I'll know how it goes back together

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