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Electric Fan, Big AMP draw, Should I try with '69

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Am I just asking for trouble by considering addition of the (evidently popular) two speed fan from a 3.8L Taurus/Sable? It appears it has big AMP draw, which I assume will overwhelm my stock Alternator. What should I try to upgrade to? I don't want to start a "this leads to that" type nightmare and wind up redoing half the car, especially since I just put new wiring harnesses in.

Any thoughts?
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The taurus fan especially on high speed will out draw your current alternators output and your battery will slowly go dead. You do need to upgrade.
There are several options, but the good options are replacing your externally regulated alt. with an internal regulator type. Either the CS or a high amperage SI-12.
I chose the 94 amp SI-12, its a direct bolt in, but the wiring has to be changed. Same with the CS style, but the CS style may require a modification to braketry.
The 1 wire high output alt. will work, but I personally stay away from 1 wire setups. I like the remote voltage sencing of the stock setup (both internally and externally regulated have this feature).
Here is a couple links to sites that have good info and the pros and cons on alternators and upgrades.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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