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Electric Fan, Big AMP draw, Should I try with '69

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Am I just asking for trouble by considering addition of the (evidently popular) two speed fan from a 3.8L Taurus/Sable? It appears it has big AMP draw, which I assume will overwhelm my stock Alternator. What should I try to upgrade to? I don't want to start a "this leads to that" type nightmare and wind up redoing half the car, especially since I just put new wiring harnesses in.

Any thoughts?
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It is easy to add a 1-wire 100 or 140amp alternator. I love my electric dual flex-a-lite fan. Now my sb400 does not even come close to overheating.

If you want, I have a like-new (~100 miles) chrome 140amp alternator, which I removed because I switched to serpentine belt system. Make me an offer.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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