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Electric Fan, Big AMP draw, Should I try with '69

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Am I just asking for trouble by considering addition of the (evidently popular) two speed fan from a 3.8L Taurus/Sable? It appears it has big AMP draw, which I assume will overwhelm my stock Alternator. What should I try to upgrade to? I don't want to start a "this leads to that" type nightmare and wind up redoing half the car, especially since I just put new wiring harnesses in.

Any thoughts?
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Thanks for the offer. Is "one wire" the newer style alternator (internal regulated?)?

I'm probably going to stay away from Chrome at this point.

Are there higher AMP alternators that are the same style as '69? I see other codes and not sure which one I actually have. (CS, whatever?)

Any other thoughts on going to electric fan and having to bump up alternator (without having to rewire entire engine or front light harness....)?

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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