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Edelbrock RPM heads 70cc

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I Just Wanted To Know What You Guys Think About These Head.

Edelbrock Aluminum Rpm 70cc Combustion Chambers Flows 170cc 575" Lift
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388 stroker

2800 10" stall converter 700r4 trans

10:25 1 comp forged pistons

comp cams xe274h (512/533) corrected lift 1.6 roller rockers

3200 lbs pound car w/ out me in it

barry grant speed demon carb 750cfm

air gap intake
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Thanks, Eric I went with the 750 carb just because I will be working on a 434 sbc very soon to the track. I built the 383 for a mild project, thanks for all the advice I will look you up when I start my next build. Oh and by the way thanks for the correction on the compression.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts