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Edelbrock intake and adding performance

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I have 1 1971 chevelle that has a 454 motor the motor came out of a 1993 suburban it was already converted over to a carb and i just recently changed from points to electric distributor. not sure what intake is on it now but it also has a 1405 edelbrock carb but i would like to put on a new edelbrock intake and mabey a new carb but im not sure what intakes will fit i really like the victor jr they say it will fit a 454 big block i just dont know if it will fit a suburban. Also on teh carb could i go any higher than the 1405? I would like to start adding a little power to it mostly just cruise but would like a little more hhhmpp when i wanted it any idea's or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Ok so the edlebrock performer would be my best choice? and i found out bout the trans ...a 350 powerglide... any help with what carb and any other ideas that would add some power like i said its all stock
If it's a Suburban motor, it probably has the peanut port heads, unless you get lucky and it has the Vortec ovals on it. If it has the former, then a set of well prepped 781, 049 or 820 heads would wake it up. The 820's, with their smaller chambers, would provide some increased CR to help it out. I have a set of 820's that already have the 2.19 intakes installed and have had some bowl blending done on them that I could be talked out of, if you decide to go in that direction. Of course, that would probably lead you into a hotter cam, and things just tend to snowball from there. Everyone on this forum knows ALL about that! ;)
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