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Edelbrock intake and adding performance

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I have 1 1971 chevelle that has a 454 motor the motor came out of a 1993 suburban it was already converted over to a carb and i just recently changed from points to electric distributor. not sure what intake is on it now but it also has a 1405 edelbrock carb but i would like to put on a new edelbrock intake and mabey a new carb but im not sure what intakes will fit i really like the victor jr they say it will fit a 454 big block i just dont know if it will fit a suburban. Also on teh carb could i go any higher than the 1405? I would like to start adding a little power to it mostly just cruise but would like a little more hhhmpp when i wanted it any idea's or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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If the engine from the 93 Suburban is stock, installing a Victor Jr is not likely to improve performance. You will need to do a little more research into what is in your Chevelle before making changes. Know for sure what intake is on the car now, is the camshaft stock, what's the rear end gear ratio, are the transmission and converter stock.

Steve R
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