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I rebuilt my Eaton differential with steel clutches and I shimmed it really tight. I could still turn the unit on an axle in a vice until I put the spring pack in it, then I couldn't turn it by hand.

I installed it in the rear and it was working fine for a bit even with no additive. Then after about 500 miles it started popping in reverse and then started popping on any tight turn. By popping I mean it acted like it was locked and causing the axle to twist then "pop" the tire around. Then eventually it started popping on any slight turn to the point it was basically undriveable.

I drained the oil and put in fresh non-synthetic fluid and a bottle of the good limited slip additive from a Ford dealership (I was told the GM or Ford were the best). This cured the problem again for a while. Now after a thousand miles or so it's back to popping some in reverse or if I do a full lock right hand turn. (not much, just a little)

Should I just let it wear in or should I add more additive?

Could something else be wrong? I've never rebuilt a posi before but it all seemed very straight forward and I didn't have any problems putting it together or anything. I'm thinking it might be tight and burning the fluid up or something.
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