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Easiest primer, paint, clear for a dumb dumb?

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Howdy all, I’m looking for advice on the best types and brands for a complete novice. I want to tackle the bodywork and paint mainly to get an even color until the time it gets a proper body restoration. Ideally it will be black and I know that is the worst possible choice in my situation but I’m contemplating another color. It is currently grey and needs some bodywork, just a few small dents and things so I’d be using some filler and would like a nice heavy high build primer to start with, sand everything as nice as possible for now then prime and paint. Any opinions? Thanks fellas!
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Thank you, I was wondering if epoxy was the best place to start. Is that ok over existing paint too? Then would I need a different primer before pain or what paint is compatible with epoxy? I have some of the essential tools and I am certainly not looking for anything close to perfection. What I have is a 30 year old scab paint job and I’d like to see what I can come up with before it gets replacement and or patch panels. It already has had some patches in the quarters and’s just a good canvas to see if I have any capabilities to paint a fresh body when the time comes. I’d really like to learn it so the car is all my work when it’s done not $15-20K in someone else’s pocket.
You can kind of see the different greys in this picture......and the stripes have got to go.
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Thank you for your input! It is much appreciated!
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