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Dynacorn firewall brackets

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Hi Gang,

I am interested in finding out if anyone has used Dynacorn (DII) GTO firewall brackets for rebuilding a Chevelle convertible? I will post pics and p/n's of what I am talking about; the pics are from DII's site. If there is an issue with these pics this way, please delete them.

The firewall brackets for a 68-72 Chevelle (non-vert) are pn 1461F:

These match the brackets seen on the 68-72 Chevelle (non-vert) firewall assy pn 1461B:

The firewall brackets for a 68-69 (thru 72 according to DII tech) GTO are pn 1506F:

These appear to match the brackets seen on the 68-72 Chevelle convertible firewall assy pn 1461H:

According to the Dynacorn tech, the GTO 1506F brackets WILL NOT FIT for use on a Chevelle to replace the firewall brackets for an upgrade. However they sure look like brackets I have seen on Verts (and Montes) the get the extra bushings at the firewall. Am I missing something here? Did GTO’s get different firewalls from other A-bodies? Or will the 1506F brackets fit a standard Chevelle firewall and I can use them to get the extra bushings on my car?

Hope someone knows, this is the next step on my project.

Thank you to all,
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Anyone with any input or thots, concerns or caveats? I will be ordering these today/tomorrow in order to continue the project.
Thank you,
Hi Tom,
I just purchased the same pair for my GTO, I'm not sure about if they will work for you but I attached photo's of my '68 GTO L & R mounts, perhaps you can compare with your firewall? I hope it helps


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check OPGI firewall body mounts 68-72 chevelle. the pair price is reasonable. they will work on a coupe for the extra body mount. i dont know if the GTO piece will fit a chevelle. the extra body mount, at torque box, i associate with convertible, el camino, high performance, and station wagon.
Hi Keith,

Thank you for the pics, I will compare them with what I have here to verify fitment.

Hi Ed,

Looks like OPGI has the same stuff, shows the 1461F style for Chevelle and the 1509F for GTO (I mis-wrote 1506F above). My Elco and Concours wagon don't have these, but my Montes do (and verts as you have mentioned). Never have seen them on a coupe or 4 door, regardless of motor, but did see them on a standard (non GTO) Lemans. Want to install these on my wagon as long as it is torn down anyway.

Best regards,
i have a pair for sale that i have removed from a 72 skylark.i was going to sell them on ebay but just not have gotten around to it.if any one wants them and has pay pal we can work some thing out.
Dang, Billy, too late! Just saw your reply after I ordered new ones this AM. Grrrr. I will PM you later.

I will update everyone on how the non-correct GTO parts fit.

Thank you,
sorry to post on a old thread, tom, did you ever see if the gto dii 1509F firewall bracket are the same for the other double mount gm a-body's? i need the double mounts, am doing a 70 monte carlo and was going to order the dii 1509F ones, look the same to me. just wondering what you found out. thank in advance. steve
Hi Steve,

Not an old thread, just haven't gotten to the install!

I went ahead and bought the GTO brackets, they <look> exactly like the brackets on all of my Montes (70, 71, 72) as well as looking like the brackets attached to the Chevelle convertible firewall assembly for sale by Dynacorn. Looks like a duck, walks and sounds like a duck, may be a duck!

I am getting closer to the actual install of these on my Chevelle wagon, so in a couple of weeks will have realtime fitment feedback. But if DII really copied genuine 68-72 GTO parts, and GM for some reason made these firewall brackets and the mating firewall of a GTO different from all other 68-72 A-bodies, I will be very surprised. But I will make them work.

Updates here when these get welded on.

Best regards, Tom
Finally my project reached a point where I could deal with the brackets. I was kinda dreading this cuz it's a ba11 buster, and is kinda irrevocable. Screw this up and I'm done. Or at least more miserable...

Removed the original single bushing brackets, man what a lot of work coring spot welds in that thick metal. Finally got them both off.

Check fit of the repros, fit looks very acceptable, I pushed them both in as far as I could to achieve best fit and contact. Little mismatch on pass side at top, but I have total contact all around, so should be good to go.

Blasted off the rust:

Interesting note, the firewall was painted completely down to the floor on the pass side, but the drivers side had a line of no paint following down from the bracket (and speedo cable outlet) into the tunnel. And the firewall was painted a metallic blue-green from the factory. Pics don't show it well, but it isn't black,

Need to fix some operator induced damage (drill-throughs, etc), and prime with weld thru primer, and then I can install the new firewall brackets. I will update as I weld them on and then attach the body onto the frame, which will show how badly I have screwed up!

Best regards,
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Do you have any pics of these new ones side by side with the ones you took off or were the old ones too far gone?
Hi Joe,
The ones I took off were the single bushing type so a direct comparison may not be appropriate. Also, I cut them into pieces to facilitate removal. I will try to get something for you if you want.
No, that's okay. I thought you were redoing a convertible, so I thought you might have had a side by side comparison of an original convertible mount and the dynacorn piece.

Looking good so far!:thumbsup:
Hi Joe,

I understand.

As vert parts are the same as Monte Carlo parts, and these compare very favorably to the parts on my 3 Montes. I would imagine they would be good for use on a convertible.

Are these period correct and restoration exact, however? That I don't know, but these are the only game in town that I could find, short of cutting them off of a parts car. Which I know is doable, but after removing my old ones, I wouldn't want to deal with cutting these off of a wreck unless I were doing a nut-and-bolt restoration.

I will be welding them on in a few days, so will update then.
Thanks for some great photos! This may come in handy on my 66.
Firewall mounting brackets are on. I would say that 68-69 GTO brackets fit the firewall of a Chevelle fairly well. Dunno why Dynacorn doesn't list them as such in their catalog...

Roughly primed:

Held in place with a ratchet strap and vicey grips, adjusted with a hammer:

Right welded in:

and left welded in:

Overall happy with the fit. For my purpose, these will serve just fine.

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Hey, I'm asking this for someone else, so please dumb it down so I can forward any explanations. My brother is working on a 69 Chevelle malibu convertible, and is having trouble with the firewall brackets. He ordered the 1461F's but they don't seem to fit. The way he described it to me, the bracket should have 2 landing points, the ones he received have 1.

Looking at some of the photos here of the 1509's, they seem to have 2 large rectangular holes in both R and L brackets, and yet in the catalogue photo of the 1461's, 1 has both large rectangular holes, the other has just 1 large rectangular hole.

In investigating, I'd rather learn the differences, and if the 1509's are what he actually needs, or did they possibly send the wrong part when he ordered the 1461's. Is there a known reason some chevelle's would need an alternate bracket?
As previously mentioned, any basic explanations of what we're looking at, so I can convey it correctly to him. (I know a bit about cars, as in, I watch Top Gear religiously, but that's about it - so I don't know what a vert is, but I do know what SS is - so a bit). Any help appreciated.
Also, any especially good places to order parts. He ordered previously from
Thanks guys.


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Hi Joe,
The ones I took off were the single bushing type so a direct comparison may not be appropriate. Also, I cut them into pieces to facilitate removal. I will try to get something for you if you want.
have a single mount pair i removed from a 72 El Camino firewall / cowl section. Drilled out spot welds from inside the firewall, as opposed to your drilling from outside. Can see why it was such a PITA. Metal probably was three times as thick as the toeboard. would imagine the dyancorn ones arent as a thick guage as original GM. Removing from the inside, wasn't too bad, in my opinion, but it left a line of holes in the lower firewall toeboard. Wasn't saving that section, so that's why i did it that way.
1509F is the GTO part which I believe will fit 68-69 chevelle convertible. (you want this)
for reference look at pics of 1509F with 2 bushing locations

1461F is the chevelle piece with only 1 bushing mounting point. This will not be ok for convertible. (you don't want this)
for reference look at pics of 1461F with only 1 bushing location
Hi Gabe

Joe is correct, for a convertible (vert), you want the 1509F/GTO firewall mounts, these are what I bought and installed. These look identical to the ones I am used to seeing on a Monte Carlo (first place I saw them) and fit up to the car really nicely. I do not know why Dynacorn doesn't or won't sell them as parts for a Chevelle convertible, Monte carlo, or (as I have learned since starting this) Buick Skylark, which has 4 bushigs along the firewall as well. Some of the local resto parts places didn't want to sell them to me as they couldn't guarantee these would fit my application, untried territory and all that. I purchased mine from a local Pontiac resto parts shop here in Southern California. He didn't care what I was doing, thought it was a neat project. I would imagine any Dynacorn reseller could get them for you.


Looking at this from the having-done-it side, i should have drilled from the inside, would have been cleaner and easier to reweld the new ones on. Oh well. The metal gage on the repops seems pretty close to original, good enough for my project.

Best to all,
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