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Dunb speaker question

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I bought a set of tweeters yesterday, the instructions said to hook the + to +
- to - but the instructions do not say what wire is + or -. The wires out of the speakers are color code one wire is steel colored and the other is copper colored. I need to know what color is + or what color is -

Thanks For Your Help

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Do NOT try the flashlight battery trick to find polarity. The windings on the voice coil are too delicate to handle it. Plus you'll never see the the cone/diapragm move.

Look VERY carefully at the body where the wires enter. You may find a microscopic + or - molded in the housing. OR.. If one of the leads goes to a capacitor that's the pos or +.

(On the tweets polarity isn't a huge issue, I've actually gotten better RTA curves having one inverted and one "straight up").
I should have said "on Tweeters" don't use the battery trick.
The little car-fi tweets won't take much abuse. I've toasted a few Rockfords... now if we're talking EV DH-7's or Altec 909's, that's a different story.
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