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Drop Spindle Question

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So I’m considering adding 2” drop spindles to my 70 Chevelle that I’m currently building. I did a search of the forum and there seems to be a lot different opinions about their benefits. The car will have QA1 tubular front a arms and QA1 coilovers along with 14” Wilwood brakes. Gonna run an 18” wheel on it. What do you guys think…stick with a stock height spindle or do the drops? Car is going to have a big block in it.
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I have a set of howe tall ball joints for sale .9 upper,and .5 lower.
They were installed but not ran.
I went with the speedtech ATS uprights.
Asking $200.00 plus shipping
There an upper .5 stud I also have if you want to use stock upper arms,as the .9 upper needs spc or aftermarket arms.
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