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Driveshaft contact with th400 ??

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Trying to figure out the driveshaft on a 71 Chevelle 454 12bolt TH400. It is a project that didn't come with a driveshaft. I have 3 driveshafts with a Th400 Yolk on them. My question in how much contact with the tailshaft splines can I get away with? It seems any of the yolks will only go in past the seal about 2 1/2inches at most. My one diveshaft has a short yolk that seems to be the best candidate. I push the yolk all the way in raise the rear to put it in the rearend saddle and pull it back an inch to seat it in. By the time I do this I am only getting 1 and 13/16 of contact with the splines (car is hanging by the frame on jackstands). This measurement comes from 1 and 1/4 of the yolk inside the seal and 9/16 of the shaft that sticks out past the seal inside the yolk. Can I do better?
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The 400 I started with had the short tail. I rebuilt it using a long tailshaft and housing to be able to use a longer yoke and get more spline contact. You may want to consider this option if you feel like yours doesn't have enough spline contact.
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