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68 El Camino. Door panels are not hideous, but previous owner drilled holes for 1970s pull straps and put speaker holes in them. I would like to use nice used original GM panels for a driver. I know aftermarket are available, but almost everything repop fits like crap.

My question: What years and other model door panels will fit? 68-72? How about other two door Chevelles? Hard top and sedan door panels the same?

If I can't find good used GM, who makes the best fitting repop?

I am not concerned with 68 originality, as I have already removed the 307 PG in favor of a 350 with 4L60E tranny. Bench seat has also been reupholstered in non original pattern. So other years that fit is fine.

Thanks in advance.

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I waited at least six months for my Legendary unassembled door panels for my 70 EC and that was back in the pre-virus days.

They look great but I was almost ready to send them back because it appeared that they did not fit. I had an RMA number and a shipping label but then studied them a little longer.

After attaching my stock, original, media blasted and painted top rails, the metal posts on the back side of each panel did not line up with the post holes in the doors. The posts appeared to be a half an inch or so off (too high) from lining up. Was this a Legendary caused problem or a Fisher Body caused problem in 1970? I never got a satisfactory answer to this question but I did change my mind about sending them back. I was simply not going to wait for them to be reconstructed.

All it took was to cut away the stiff inner door card material by a half an inch in the downward direction towards the ground which allowed it all to fit the door post holes and for the top rails to properly hang.

This is harder to explain than to actually do the door card surgical correction cuts but they function well and look good today. It does take a sharp knife and a steady hand to prevent cutting through the passenger compartment door side vinyl.

All of this problem is likely a good reason to buy them unassembled so that you can adapt them to solve these production variable door hole problems.


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