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Donor Frame section....

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Donor Frame section.... **PICS NOW ADDED**

Anyone know where I can find a front left section of a 69 camino frame? I need the section right behind the lower control arms. I was thinking of cutting this section out and then welding in piece from a donor car.

Would it be best to get the frame aligned and then cut out the section? or leave it? The frame is pushed in quite a bit.
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Get the frame checked out first!!!
If its pushed in/bent in that area more then likey you have some pretty good frame damage. The frame guy might be able to pull it out.

I would NOT section a piece of frame, speciality in the area you are talking. Thats a high stress spot and the possiblility for future failure is MUCH HIGHER. Its only your own personal safety and others out on the road...Eric
Number 1 thing to do, take it to a frame shop, it needs to be checked. And by judging from the horrible "repair" I would say there is still a good amount of damage still in the frame.
That frame has had a hard life, its been hit HARD in the front. That plate is probably welded over cracks or buckles. Either way its weakened in that area.

You start cutting that thing apart without it being fixed you run the risk of releasing any stored damage. You do that you WILL have a mess on your hands, even bigger then what you got now.
As I said before that section of the frame is highly stressed, that is not a place to cut and weld a frame. There is not a single car manufacture or repair organization that recommends sectioning in that area of the frame!

Personally I think it needs a frame.
Ya, I called a shop and they want $75 to put it on a frame rack. I'm torn on what to do. I wanted to keep the original frame with the car, but if it's beyond repair I really don't want to risk spending all this time attempting to fix it. Especially if I can get a frame for $200 or so.

Thanks for the info again Eric
For 200 bucks I wouldnt even pi$$ with it. Whats a donor section gonna cost? What kind of time frame you think it would take to "repair" that area?
As I keep saying it needs a frame...Eric
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