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Dome light will not work!!

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I have a 71 chevelle that I can not get the dome light to work. It has the ss dash with tach and a new headlight switch. Every thing works fine but the dome light. Should one of the two wires on the door button be hot all the time, because mine are not!! The car has a new ss dash harness installed but no power to dome light. When I first hooked up battery to car the light worked for about five minutes then blew the bulb,but now with new bulb noting happens. Thanks Kim
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The door jam switch and/or the headlight switch sends a ground to the dome light white wire.
The orange wire to the light is hot always.
Only one of the two wires is the dome light wire, the other one is for the key minder buzzer circuit.
Ground out each one, one at a time with the key in the ignition, one should make the horn relay buzz and the other should make the dome light come on.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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