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Does change adv curve, engine run hotter?

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I put in lighter springs so that the distributor advance comes in sooner. Now the car seems to run about 23* hotter. This is on a stock 66 396/360hp. Is this normal? Thanks.
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Agreed,retartded timing runs hotter but the additional timing the motor is getting now should not make it run hotter.

Your total should be all in by 2800-3k rom and not the 3500rpm you at,thats too late unless your running a lot of gear and have hi cruise rpm.

When at cruise the total should be basically fully in .

What base and total timig are you currently running and what camis in the motor?(if i remeber right you dont know exactly what camis in motor which is an issue)

If running an aftermarket cam you need approx 18 base & 36 total.

You have posted mult times on having timing issues before and should have this corrected by now,what up that your still having issues and running the full total at 3,500 rpms,that's way too late IMHO which could have the timing retarded for all we know increasing motor temp.

Also, is this the 1st time the car has been out i warmer weather so youhave not been in that situation before?

Also,are you running a clutch fan and maybe the clutch is going bad esp if its running hoter at low speed or in stop/go traffic.

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Hi James,yes the total should be in by 3k rpm the latest.

Also,the 10 base timing is fine with stock cab BUT if its a mild aftermaket cam the 10 deg base your runoing is retartded by approx 8 deg which is a lot so keep that in mind.

Anyway,your looking for approx 36-38 total all in by 3k rpm without vac adv and approx 50-52 deg with the vad adv attached.

Boy i wish you knew what cam was in your motor weather it be stock gm or aftermarket becasue i could then give you a solid ign curve to run and could also tell you what to have the mech adv curve set to to run with the base timing you would need .

BTW,did you every try 16-18 deg base timing to see how it would respond because that would tell you if it was a stock gm cam or aftermarket. The stock gm cam would not run well a all with 16 deg base timing but an aftermarket perf cam would run fine with 16deg base timing.

Then you could have the mech adv in the dist recurved for 18 deg in by 2800-3k rpm so then 16-18 base timing + 18 deg in the dist would = 36-38 total all in by 2800-3k rpm. It would be so easy then,after the dist was recurved you could either set base timing to 16-18 or set the total to 36-38 and you would be good to go. But unfortunately you cant do that because we dont know if you have a stock gm cam or a mild aftermarket perf cam.

Too bad you didnt live close to me becasue i could check it out for myself and could very likely be able to tell in a few mins what type cam you have and what base timing to run but unfortunately thats not the case.

Good luck.

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