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Do you think my problem is related to my voltage regulator ?

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I have been recently experiencing a starting problem with my 454. I put in a new battery and during the past two weeks, when starting the engine,it has been turning over slowly when I go to start ita and progressively getting worse .
Well, the other day after it starting real slow, I got it to start, drove down the road and it died, almost as if I removed the battery terminal. I have an MSD ignition system.
So, since the battery is new, I figure its a connection problem.
Anyway, after cleaning all the terminals, I charged the battery and took it to a mechanic who tested the battery and volt regulator. The battery was fully charged of course. Seems there was nothing at the volt reg. We then checked the volt reg which is a Blue Streak brand that has an external fuse mounted to it. It was blown and we put on another fuse. He got a reading of 14 but after a few seconds, the fuse would blow again. Another fuse, another blow.
I opted for getting another volt reg, same model. Put it on and the fuse did not blow. In fact, my lights are brighter and the car turns over real fast when starting.
So, after all of the above, is it possible that the volt reg went bad and would cause this problem OR is something else related to it blowing fuses.
Also, the old one had a condenser mounted on it that plugged into the volt reg, What is it for and do I need it. I did not put it back on cause it was old. Is it needed ?
Sorry for the long post
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Matt, what's computer guy doing answering electrical questions!
just kidding...

A voltage regulator with a fuse holder??? I have never heard of that in my life! But if that's how they come out of the box, just keep it that way. Voltage regulators can cause lots of headaches when troubleshooting.

If I were you I would now double check the charging voltage:

1) vehicle in park, engine reved to approx. 1000 rpms

2)take voltmeter and touch red and black probes right to the + and - battery terminals

3)Should NOT have less than 13.8 volts and not more than 14.8 to 15.

4)turn on lights and accessories, still should be steady and at least 13.8 volts.

The above indicates a properly charging electrical system.
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