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Do motors hate to be rev'ed up with no load?

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If you had a strong motor that wasn't going to fail otherwise in normal loaded operation at any RPM, would that motor be any more prone to damage revving it with no load? My BB's new flywheel/clutch revs lots quicker than the old flexplate/converter. It's kinda fun to give it a zing now and then, idle to 5 or 6K in a split second, and quickly back down.

-> Am I going to mess something up doing that?

-> Can I do stuff like rev it and hold it at 4 or 5K to look for engine vibes?

- > I would like to see if my Digital-6 rev limiter set at 6200 really works. Can I rev it up there (like I do on all my rental cars:D)?
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My old daily driver wouldn't let you rev past 4000 with no load, I always assume GM did that for a reason.
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