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Do I need flywheel alignment Dowel pins???

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ok, im half way through my T-56 swap, Im trying to put on the Centerforce D/F and the directions say to be sure and use the alignment dowels if they were originally used. there are extra non-threaded holes on the flywheel and P/P.

is that what those are for??
where do I get the Dowel pins?

im using a flywheel from a 75 chevy 454 1ton
and a Clutch and P/P setup from a 72'454 chevelle.
thanx guys

Justin McIver
Sacramento CA
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I recently installed a new centerforce dual friction in my Chevelle.The flywheel had the holes for the dowels but no dowels were in them.I installed the clutch without them and have had no problems.

Im curious as to what bellhousing you used and did you use the stock Z-bar and clutch fork?

Brandon Benegasi

1966 ss396 chevelle
427 11:1 rect.heads
4 speed 3.55 posi
1967 chevy biscayne 2 dr.
350 th-350
3.55 posi
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