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Within the past year or so I've upgraded the front suspension on my 71 Chevelle, dropped it about 2 inches in the front and rear, added new shocks all around, 4 wheel disc brakes, only think I have left to do is my rear suspension arms. I need bushings and I was going to keep my stock arms but have read where if you lower your car you need the adjustable arms to compensate.

This is purely for the street, I drive 50 miles a day on this so I want it comfortable but want to firm things up a bit. I was worried about whether I was binding because of the height change.

Thanks Much

Corey Vandiver

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well if its not broke dont fix it! i have changed the ride hieght on my car and havent needed to change my rear control arms. the only reason you may consider changing them is if your tires are rubbing when you take corners or if you want to stiffin your rear suspension for better handling, otherwise dont bother!

tony, 1970 chevelle

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When you change the ride height of the vehicle it changes the drive line of the vehicle as well... this in turn usually leads to poor traction and tire spin. If you are suffering from traction loss then I would recommend a set of adjustable upper control arms to re-adjust the pinion angle for a stock drive line angle or slightly negative degree.

If you have any additional questions please ask. Thank you!
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