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Do body work myself? Or pay to have it done?

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I am thinking about doing the body work on my car instead of paying to have it done. As you all know, because it is really expensive. Car is pretty solid. Has a little bit of rust that would need to be cut out and fixed. Also has a vinyl top so there could be some problems under there. Me and my friends are pretty good with mechanics but we have never done any kind body work.

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I'd look it over really good. Under the rocker trim, in the trunk, under the carpet, at the bottom of the windshield and rear window, the trunk floor drop off, look at the bottom rear of the fenders (just behind the wheel) from the backside, wheel housing, etc. If that is all the significant rot that you find, those might be pretty easy fixes (the rust repair part of it). You can save some money doing those repairs yourself and pay to have the paint done or whatever. It's pretty rewarding. Just ask here before you start so you get headed in the right direction.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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