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Do body work myself? Or pay to have it done?

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I am thinking about doing the body work on my car instead of paying to have it done. As you all know, because it is really expensive. Car is pretty solid. Has a little bit of rust that would need to be cut out and fixed. Also has a vinyl top so there could be some problems under there. Me and my friends are pretty good with mechanics but we have never done any kind body work.

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I learned how to do bodywork from knowledgeable guys on the forums.Youre better off doing it yourself,and learning the right way to do it.
Doing it yourself as far as peace of mind.If you could find someone in your area to do the work,how did they do it?What will they charge?Two years later after the world's prettiest paint job rust starts popping thru because they didn't seal under the new weld work........If you learn to do it yourself,youll know its tight and sealed under there.
Buying the midgrade tools you need for stuff like this still puts you way ahead of the first metal repair bill from someone else.
I wound up buying a lot of metal working stuff at harborfreight.
I would never buy that stuff from there for my day to day job,but for a one off car build,perfect.The welder will be the larger of your bills,but you can get into a decent mig for 400.00 from Lincoln.(mine cost 250.00,five years ago).
Paint,however is one of those things where it is usually better and cost effective to have a pro shoot,unless you feel comfortable with it.
Good luck.
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