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Do body work myself? Or pay to have it done?

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I am thinking about doing the body work on my car instead of paying to have it done. As you all know, because it is really expensive. Car is pretty solid. Has a little bit of rust that would need to be cut out and fixed. Also has a vinyl top so there could be some problems under there. Me and my friends are pretty good with mechanics but we have never done any kind body work.

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Someone that will actually take the time to make it right will charge you $100-$150 an hour for countless amount of hours, and you probably wont see the car for some time, and end up paying a fortune when you get it back. With youtube, this forum, and some elbow grease (maybe a little trial and error ) you should be able to get something halfway decent done. If you are looking for show car quality work you need to leave it to the professionals though.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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