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Do body work myself? Or pay to have it done?

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I am thinking about doing the body work on my car instead of paying to have it done. As you all know, because it is really expensive. Car is pretty solid. Has a little bit of rust that would need to be cut out and fixed. Also has a vinyl top so there could be some problems under there. Me and my friends are pretty good with mechanics but we have never done any kind body work.

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Even the best body man on here, didn't know crap at some point in his life. They learned by doing it and probably training as well. There are several professional body men on this board that are willing to answer questions for FREE...take advantage of this. There are also skilled guys that may not be pros, but know what they are doing. It doesn't take long to figure out who these people are. When bad info is posted, it usually gets corrected. I say do it yourself if you have the skills. It feels good to know you did it through hard work instead of cutting a check.
If you have NO TOOLS already then paying someone might be best...but chances are if you are doing work on these old cars you already have welders cutting tools etc.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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