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Do body work myself? Or pay to have it done?

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I am thinking about doing the body work on my car instead of paying to have it done. As you all know, because it is really expensive. Car is pretty solid. Has a little bit of rust that would need to be cut out and fixed. Also has a vinyl top so there could be some problems under there. Me and my friends are pretty good with mechanics but we have never done any kind body work.

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$100-$150/hr. ...really??

  • Do you have the place to do it?
  • Are you going to use the equipment again?
  • Do you trust your abilities and tenacity?
  • Do you have support from your wife?
  • Can you afford to tie up $2k just to get started?
If you can answer all these with a resounding YES than you may have a new project. If not search for a bodyman that works on the side and inspect his prior work. Bone up on correct methods re: bodywork and quiz the guy before working out a contract. Around here you could find a body guy for $30-$50/hr and honestly most cars you see at a cruise or show will have been commissioned by someone working in his own shop, not a resto shop. This is reality as most don't have the $20-$40k to dump on body/paint.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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