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Distributor for new Holley HP MPFI system?

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Hello everyone I'm new here to the forums.

I need a little help with the distributor selection for my 468. I purchased the new Holley MPFI system 550-830. The question I have is about which distributor. Holley says the FAST is the one they recommend for dual sync. However, this is going in my boat. There is a Mallory distributor available that says its a marine distributor. I called the Mallory tech guys and they say its cam window is 45 degrees. I'm not sure if this would pair up with Holley system like the FAST. (I cant get a hold of Moore race craft where i purchased it from to get support)

Besides this, I am curious if there is really any noticable benefit to the dual synch over a computer controlled HEI. I know injector timing is nice to have but is it worth the extra costs?

Also, what really makes this a "marine" distributor? I fully understand the starters and alternators and why they have to have spark arrestors on them, but what is it with a distributor?

Thanks for any help
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