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dist. advance set-up

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I bought a MSD dist kit and it has full adjustment for the advance curve.
What RPM does the advance need to begin and how much total ? I think the limit is 28* mechanical . It starts easily w/ 12*initial.
10.5 to 1 w/781 heads,427 with 279*/290* Crane cam , QJ on alum intake -maybe 3310 Holley later, Hedmans ,3.31 rears.mostly street cruiser.
I will add a 6AL box with the dist. install also.
All new and haven't got enough miles to put it thru the paces yet with the original point dist
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I would use the 20 degree bushing 16-18 initial and 36-38 total.
You want all this in around 3000 rpms

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