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Discount GM parts dealer?

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Hey all,

Has anyone tried this "discount" parts dealership?

I hate to go to my local Chevy or GM dealerships. They are such pricks to me because I'm driving a 30 year old car instead of their brand new models. Talk about being snubbed! The problem is that there are some parts which are still GM availible (like the GM performance stuff) that a dealership is my only recourse to order.

In my other life as a hard driving sportbike rider I have the resources to order original Honda parts at a significant savings through a discount parts dealer. They are actually a real dealership that has an alter-ego mail order presence. The savings can be as high as %30 sometimes.

You can see why I'd be eager to find a similar setup for my Chevelle. If anyone has any knowledge of this or any other GM discount parts sources please let me know. Thanks.

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Try this place, they are online and have everything you need. They also have a 90 page print catalog, I have a new one in front of me.

Jim Pace GM Parts Warehouse
430 Youngstown Rd.
Niles, Ohio 44446

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