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I recently got a 12 bolt diff to replace my 10 bolt in my '70 chevelle. I am trying to find a how to on properly removing the old diff and installing the new one. I tried doing a search but the majority of the hits were on removing the axels and not the entire differential. Does anyone have a link to a how to on this or be willing to share the proper steps for this procedure. Thanks.

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Assuming the mounting points for a 10 bolt are the same the sequence would be..

-Elevate rear of car on jackstands
- Disconnect e-brake line (remove from shoe)
-Disconnect brake line at wheel cylinders and top of diff
-remove driveshaft
-Put jack under diff and jack up until you relieve pressue on shocks
-Remove lower shock bolts
- Lower jack a bit but still don't let it sag totally
-rear coil springs can likely be removed
-remove lower control arm bolts
-remove upper control bolts
-use jack to remove diff perhaps chain it or tie it to jack

If I am forgetting sometihing chime in
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