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Differential casting seeping

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The differential on my 66 Chevelle is seeping oil at the plug welds where the axle tubes fit into the differential casting. How can I fix that permanently? This is the original rear end for this car. It is a Kansas City car.
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That's very common. Most of them do that. Other than grinding out the welds and doing them over, which isn't easy, there isn't really a fix for it. The welds are nickel.
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Sense it is common and it is steel welding is the way to go.I have three places it is seeping, not enough to drip on floor but makes a mess on the differential. I can clean it up real well and I will wire brush it and identify the exact location of the seep. If welding doesn't work I can always grind out my repair out and try JB Weld. Thank you for everybody's time.
It is not steel. It's cast iron. That's why the plug welds are nickel and not steel. You have to treat this as cast iron when welding.
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