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different starter for 153 and 168 tooth flexplates?

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my flexplate is a 168 tooth on my 454 , i have 6 different hi torque starters sitting on my shelving is there a difference in the starters or do they need shimmed? thanks
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i don't know about the big blocks, but most 350's and 400's from the mid 70's didn't have the inner hole drilled for the straight across bolt pattern.
NEITHER a regular or hi-torque version is the issue of concern.
The ONLY concern (related to STOCK style GM Delco starters) is the starter nose. Period.
There are two styles of noses, straight across bolt pattern and staggered bolt pattern. The staggered bolt pattern nose comes in two versions, alum and cast iron. For an auto tranny 168 teeth flexplate, EITHER alum or cast iron nose will fit the bulge of the tranny. BUT, if using a 168 teeth flywheel for a manual tranny, then ONLY the cast iron nose will fit into the starter bulge of the bell housing.
The GM regular and hi-torque starter motors are completely interchnageable with any GM starter nose. Just as an example, you can remove a hi-torque starter from a junk 455 Olds (left hand mounted on the engine) sitting in the pasture and install either a straight across or staggered bolt pattern Chevy nose and install it on any Chevy V8 engine (right hand mount). :thumbsup:
the late model permanent magnet starters with an aluminum nose fit in the older bellhousings that used to require a cast iron nose. these smaller starters showed up in the early 90's and weigh half as much and have as much power as an old high torque starter.
just throwing that out there for anyone that stumbles across this thread in the future.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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